Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program

The primary goals of the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program are to:
- Set clearly defined standards and expectations for member organizations.
- Recognize excellence in the soccer community.
- Raise the level of all soccer organizations throughout Canada.
- Drive change in the soccer system.

National Youth Club Licence Holder

Pierrefonds Soccer has been granted the National Youth Club Licence for a period of two years. Our goal is to maintain the National Youth Club License status going forward, and to continue to provide a high quality soccer experience for our members.

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New Competition Structure 2021- 2024

Soccer Quebec's new competition structure is aligned with the philosophy and operation of the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program. This new structure will be put into place progressively between 2021 and 2024.

Players born in 2007 or younger will move into the new structure as of Summer 2021. Players born in 2006 or older, will continue to compete in the previous structure (A, AA, AAA, etc.).

Clubs will have access to different levels of competition depending on their level of recognition. The PLSJQ (Première ligue de soccer juvénile du Québec) is a new, elite level of competition, whose standards are set by Canada Soccer, and is accessible only by National Youth Club License holders like Pierrefonds Soccer. This league will make its debut in summer 2021 with the U-13 and U-14 age categories. 

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As of 2022:
U13, U14 & U15:
Only National Licensed clubs can play in the PLSJQ.
U13: No standings in the PLSJQ & LDP and no promotion/relegation.
U14 & U15: Standings in each league and no promotion/relegation.
U13, U14 & U15: Possibility of geographic conferences.

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