Rome City Institute

Rome City Institute is the only Institution in Italy that combines an international education with the opportunity to play competitive sports in Italy.

Our mission is to provide our student-athletes with the necessary tools to succeed in both the academic and athletic worlds. All while living out a once in a lifetime experience in Rome.


AUGUST 6 & 7, 2024



PIERREFONDS SOCCER and Rome-based ROME CITY INSTITUTE establish a partnership to provide unique experiences for PSA players.

The Pierrefonds Soccer Association is proud and very excited to announce its new partnership with Rome City Institute. Rome City is the only Italian Institution that combines an international education with the opportunity to play competitive sports. Their soccer academy in the city center of Rome provides a professional environment with UEFA licensed coaches and an exclusive partnership with Serie A, the top Italian soccer league.

Rome City Institute currently offers high school, gap year, undergraduate and master’s programs, as well as short-term experiences during the year such as their Summer Experiences program. Rome City also offers scholarship opportunities based on a player’s academic and athletic background.

 “We are extremely happy and excited to partner up with Pierrefonds Soccer Association”, said Gianluca Bottoni, Director of Rome City Institute. “We share a similar vision and approach to soccer, and both believe that education and sports are two powerful resources in the growth of young student-athletes. Through this partnership, we will offer a preferred pathway to those Pierrefonds players who would like to continue their academic and soccer career in Europe.”

“Providing opportunities for our players throughout their soccer and life journey is an objective that we are deeply invested in, and our repertoire of opportunity offerings is expanding with this partnership. In addition, the sharing of knowledge and expertise in other areas such as sports science will add to the value and quality of our services and aligns with our goal of being innovative and forward-thinking. The partnership further solidifies Pierrefonds Soccer’s commitment to providing players with valuable experiences both on and off the soccer field and aligns with our goal of building champions for life."

Pierrefonds Soccer Association





Details coming soon!

Thanks to our Partnership, PSA players will benefit from a preferred pathway with preferential rates. All inquiries must be directed to Gianluca Bottoni, Director of Admissions, at: [email protected]

[email protected]


Rome is my second home all thanks to Rome City Institute. This program has opened doors in the sports industry for me and has built long lasting and memorable connections as well as relationships. All to say that being in this program has definitely been an opportunity of a lifetime. Not many people have the chance to say they lived in Italy for a year where they got the chance to meet different people from around the world, get to play soccer at the Serie C level and train with an incredible Rome City staff all while completing a masters degree. I can't thank the program enough for all that they have done for me.

Karina Guerrera

- McGill Alumni 
- Rome City Institute Alumni/Ambassador

I can say without a doubt in my mind that my experience at Rome City was one of a lifetime. The training provided by the professional coaching staff at Rome City was definitely the most elite and creative that I have ever taken part of in my playing career and truly made me feel as if I were training like a real professional every single day. These memories are truly ones that will stay with me forever. The people that I have met as well as the experiences that I have lived in Rome with Rome City are certainly some that I will never forget and I whole-heartedly both recommend and invite to whoever is looking to improve their skills on the pitch.

Marco Di Teodoro

- Pierrefonds Soccer Association member
- Concordia University-John Molson School of Business student
- Rome City Institute Alum/Ambassador

Playing abroad at Rome City was an amazing experience that helped me prepare for playing and competing at the University level.

Pia Beaulieu

- Princeston '26
- Rome City Gap Year Alumni '22