The heart and soul of our organization.

Volunteer Opportunities


The Pierrefonds Soccer Association (PSA) is looking for volunteers aged 12+ to help out during our events this coming summer. Volunteering is a great way to meet members of the Pierrefonds-Roxboro community and contribute to a positive soccer experience for our membership. If you are a new or long time member, or you’re a high school student who may need to do community work as part of your school curriculum, we will gladly find something for you.

We cannot run our organization without our generous volunteers, if one or more of our events interest you please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

1. University Showcase 
2. PSA Opening Day
3. PSA End of Year Festival
4. PLSJQ (Première Ligue de Soccer Juvénile de Québec) Home Matches U13-U14
5. PLSQ-F (Première Ligue de Soccer de Québec) Semi-Pro Home Matches