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At PSA, we believe in the Holistic approach for players. An approach that touches more than just techniques and tactics: it touches the sport and physical, the mental and intellectual, the moral and character, and the social and emotional sides to the sport. The Holistic approach is a way of teaching: How to learn, how to play and how to compete. This is an approach that puts the player first, and enables them to be in the best possible environment, for the longest time possible.

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Our Methodology

Internal coaching courses are provided by the club's technical staff to ensure that the club's leaders are applying the same principles and methodology across age groups to promote the right development for the athletes.

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A Word from our Technical Director

“It takes a village to raise a child” - African proverb

"The players placed under our wings are not just soccer players, they are kids, adolescents, young adults learning about life and its ups and downs. They are learning about cooperation & opposition through sport. They are learning about adversity, they are learning about empathy. They are growing with us and us with them.

As Educators: Teach, Guide, Help
As Coaches: Listen, Inspire, Challenge

We must all make sure that through our work and dedication; our Players, our Community & our Club always come first. And we must never forget, that although we are called upon to be teachers, we shall not forget to learn, and to be honor students of both life and the beautiful game."

Valmie Ouellet
Technical Director

Our Commitments

Honour-Elite-Leadership Program (HELP)

Building the next generation of coaches.
Pierrefonds Soccer supports its U18+ players by offering them opportunities to not only develop their knowledge of the game as players, but develop as coaches to stay in the game during and after their playing days. It provides our young players with positive role models and cultivates in our young coaches a sense of responsibility and belonging to something bigger than themselves.

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