Honour-Elite-Leadership Program (HELP)

Building the next generation of coaches.

For U18+ Players

HELP Program Overview

Pierrefonds Soccer supports its U18+ players by offering them opportunities to not only develop their knowledge of the game as players, but develop as coaches to stay in the game during and after their playing days. It provides our young players with positive role models and cultivates in our young coaches a sense of responsibility and belonging to something bigger than themselves.

HELP program opportunities include:
• Supporting the technical staff with CDC grassroots and development programs (U4-U12).
• Supporting the technical staff with the Club Performance Center (U13+).
• Supporting the technical staff with the Goalkeeper Programs.
• Becoming coaches of teams from various age groups and playing levels.
• Proposing, implementing and driving new club initiatives through involvement from a technical, administrative or operational standpoint.
• Giving additional support at club events.

The HELP program has often been a personal development journey for our players as they have used this program as a pathway to their future careers (education, business, athletic therapy, etc.), all while giving back to the sport that gave so much to them while growing up.

Homegrown Coaches

Notable success stories from homegrown players who have taken part in the HELP program and gone on to become homegrown coaches leading the next generation of players.


Head Coach 2007-F

Julia is a current member of our semi-pro team in the PLSQ-F. Her roots began at Pierrefonds Soccer at the age of 4 and she has flourished ever since from the competitive to elite levels. Julia has also played in the USA with her university team. Her intelligence on the field, combined with her career background in the education sector has made her a perfect fit to lead our youth teams as a head coach. Julia has shown leadership amongst our elite teams over the years, however her qualities far surpass the field. We we are incredibly fortunate to have a figure like her giving back to the community and contributing to educating our youth both on and off the field.


Head Coach 2010-F & Assistant Coach F2003 AAA

Arianne joined the Pierrefonds Soccer at the age of 5, by the age of 8, her playing potential was clear and she has since been a dominating figure in our competitive teams from AA to AAA. Arianne played with the Club’s Elite AAA teams since the age of 14 and has now transitioned to the coaching world. Not only is she involved in coaching from our development programs to Elite AAA teams, she is also involved in the Club’s future as a Marketing Director. Recent graduate from the John Molson School of Business, Arianne brings to the executive table her knowledge of the youth and young adults’ world and works promoting our Club going forward into this bright new era of change and future project such as the National Club Licence. Understanding her community and the Elite world, Arianne represents the best and brightest this Club has to offer.


Assistant Coach 2010-F

Long time Pierrefonds Soccer player and current member of our PLSQ-F Semi-Pro team, Julia is an accomplished player at the club. Not only has she been played in the highest leagues in the province, she also attends university in the USA in which she also plays NCAA soccer. During her first year playing in the NCAA, she led her team in points and goals. During her summers, Julia has given back to the community that gave so much to her during her childhood and has served as a coach for our development teams. This picture (Julia's last game with the team before heading back to the US for school) is a true depiction of Julia's impact amongst our players as she has been an inspiring figure in their lives.


Goalkeeper Coach

Goalkeeper for our U21 M AAA team, Christopher has served as a coach for our development academy and as a goalkeeper coach for our U9-U12 age groups. Christopher's leadership has shined both on and off the field. In his first year studying and playing for McGill University, Christopher quickly became an influential part of the team as he became the starting goalkeeper as a rookie, an amazing accomplishment so early on in his university career. Off the field, Christopher has played a predominant role in ensuring our goalkeeper development program continues to grow by sharing his passion with aspiring goalkeepers.


Development Academy Coach

Justin entered our Club in 2005 when he was 6 years old. By continuously working hard, Justin found his way into the Competitive teams and has been a steady reliable player on those teams since 2013. Justin soon discovered a passion for the coaching and educating world and as now been involved with coaching since 2014. By his great attitude and demeanour, Justin serves as an excellent role model to all young players fortunate to learn from him. He became the Head supervisor of the Local Development Winter Academy designed to help recreational players develop their full potential. Justin represents wholeheartedly the end mission of this Club, developing the player-person, that will move on in his or her community as a complete citizen.


Grassroots Development Head Coach

Current member of our PLSQ-F semi-pro team, Elise's leadership has far surpassed what she has done on the field. She has earned multiple accolades over the years as a an elite player including her most recent 2019 Balon d'Or award from the LSEQ (AAA), but she has also been influential in growing the female game within our community. Elise put in place the "Inspire Initiative", in which youth players were invited by the club's elite AAA teams to accompany them onto the pitch on match day as they walked across prior to the pregame handshake. Youth players were then invited to stay and watch the game, followed by a supper together to meet the elite players. We thank Elise for serving as a role model for our youth players through her leadership and active involvement in the community.

Learning from the coaches on and off the field

Youth players often get the opportunity to watch, support and be inspired by their HELP coaches who play in the top elite leagues of the province.


The Inspire Initiative

Put in place by one of our HELP coaches,  and with the aim of developing an appreciation of the beautiful game and providing an opportunity to see women playing at the highest level, the Inspire Initiative opens the door for athletes and parents to see what player development at Pierrefonds Soccer can lead to. The Senior AAA and U21 AAA Elite Women Teams hosted local teams to accompany them onto the pitch as they walked across prior to the customary pregame handshake. Youth players were then invited to stay and watch the game, after which they were invited to supper to meet the elite players.