A Word from our President

"We see Sport as a powerful and positive social tool to influence and enrich lives with powerful and meaningful experiences. Our role as leaders in the Sports industry is to offer opportunity to find meaning for people who are often unable to find it in their present day-to-day imposed or self-imposed routines. Sport is a vehicle comparable to art and music where creativity and the necessity to dream and explore obligate participants to search for self fulfillment without the constraints often found in school, work or career. Our role is to enable and create platforms where individuals can play and compete at the level where sport provides answers for them. That can be a social, friendship filled event, or it can be the dream of representing country draped in the flag or even making sport your full-time life’s work.

In all cases, we who are there set the table…and our guests choose from the varied menu!"

Oscar Tellechea

A Word from our Technical Director

“It takes a village to raise a child” - African proverb

"The players placed under our wings are not just soccer players, they are kids, adolescents, young adults learning about life and its ups and downs. They are learning about cooperation & opposition through sport. They are learning about adversity, they are learning about empathy. They are growing with us and us with them.

As Educators: Teach, Guide, Help
As Coaches: Listen, Inspire, Challenge

We must all make sure that through our work and dedication; our Players, our Community & our Club always come first. And we must never forget, that although we are called upon to be teachers, we shall not forget to learn, and to be honor students of both life and the beautiful game."

Valmie Ouellet
Technical Director

Pierrefonds Soccer's Commitment

Our Vision, Mission and Values


The Pierrefonds Soccer Association (PSA) is dedicated to playing a predominant role at all levels of the Canadian soccer landscape, from the recreational to the competitive and Elite levels.


For members looking for a recreational experience in our local communities, our social goal is to foster a welcoming, enjoyable and safe environment within which participants of a variety of ages and skill levels can practice the sport of soccer. Pierrefonds Soccer is focused on playing a role in the social and physical activities of athletes, both young and old, in the community. \

For members looking for a competitive experience, Pierrefonds Soccer’s goal is to offer a player path based on the world renowned, scientific based Canada Soccer Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Pathway as a developmental foundation tool. In addition to utilizing the LTPD model, Pierrefonds Soccer’s philosophy and deployment of the Elite player’s journey is a methodology developed with the aid of the prestigious Spanish Club “Valencia CF”. This methodology is the tool used for a unique and wholesome approach related to the development of a complete “person / player”. This approach’s goal is to create an environment that fosters, in a balanced way, both the athletic development and distinguishable quality traits required of a player participating at the highest level of competition.


We are a player focused club. Our Values are related to the player experience and an event based personal growth. Commitment, leadership and fortitude form a portion of the basis for the competitive philosophical values. Teamwork, Fair play and Competition Commitment to Excellence – We commit to providing excellence in soccer programming, with a balanced approach to sport for participants looking for quality in a variety of levels. Our values are the following:


We will form a cohesive unit that is supportive of others and works collectively to accomplish our goals. Sport is a time and place in a person’s life where they can find purpose, friendships and fulfillment.


We strive to develop and become the leaders necessary to realize goals. We establish bold visions and invest others in working towards them. Leadership is taking an opportunity to contribute to a common cause without the fear of how failure will be a negative consequence. It allows others to be motivated to the same cause and to find the courage to allow themselves to believe that success is a possibility, investing disproportionately together in the effort required to complete the task with all the allowable success of the event.


All members of the organization will show respect to each other, to community members, and to all physical spaces and property. They will ensure that all who are connected directly or indirectly to the sports events have a positive and enriching experience.


Strong ethical guidelines will direct the actions of the players, teams and staff leading them; Embodying the balance between what is needed to win and compete with what is right and honorable, demonstrating the strength to remain true to a code of conduct that will shape young minds to do what is right as opposed to what is easy and not always fair for others, and having the courage to stand up for an idea that demonstrates sportsmanship on and off the playing field.